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Technology Overview

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  Since its establishment, Zhongchuang Chemical has always adhered to the business philosophy of "relying on science and technology for progress, and innovation for development", formulated a development strategy of "technology innovation, management innovation, and system innovation", and established a complete project research and development team based on this. . The company has comprehensive technical research capabilities, which can realize a one-stop "from laboratory test, scaled-up pilot test to industrialized production".

  The company has set up an enterprise technology research and development center since its inception, and it has been identified as the "Hunan Enterprise Technology Center". The company currently has scientific and technical personnel, mainly engaged in research and development with doctoral and master students, 4 of whom have obtained senior titles. In the course of years of technological innovation and technological innovation, a group of technological leaders with effective performance have emerged. The company's technology center has 15 small-scale test devices, 2 pilot-scale devices and 1 industrial pilot device.

  In recent years, the company has also established close industry relations with Hunan Changling Petrochemical Technology Development Co., Ltd., Yueyang Changling Equipment Research Institute Co., Ltd., Peking University, Xiangtan University, Yantai University, Hunan Institute of Technology and other universities and research institutes. A number of technological breakthroughs have been made in the cooperation between academic and research institutions. The company has undertaken many national, provincial and municipal projects, and has won many awards such as Hunan Science and Technology Progress Award and Yueyang Science and Technology Progress Award.

  Looking forward to the future, Zhongchuang Chemical will actively promote the company's product structure adjustment and technological transformation and upgrading, focusing on breakthroughs in a series of key technologies closely related to the company's main business; the company will also strengthen talent reserves and talent team building, and strive to enhance the core of Zhongchuang Chemical Competitiveness.

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