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Founded in 2005, Hunan Zhongchuang is a petrochemical enterprise with R&D, production, sales and service. Our leading products, sec-butyl acetate, isopropyl acetate and methyl ethyl ketone, have been sold to all the provinces and regions except Tibet and Xinjiang in China and enjoy a high reputation among nearly 100 enterprises in 40 countries in the world. Products are widely used in paint, ink, coatings, medicine, pesticide, leather, film, adhesive, dehydrating agent and other industries.
  Hunan Zhongchuang has obtained the certification of intellectual property management system, and is a benchmarking enterprise in the use of intellectual property in the industrial field of Hunan Province. It has applied for many patents. Since its establishment, Hunan Zhongchuang has been rated as a high-tech enterprise in Hunan Province for five times in a row, and has won more than 90 honors, such as Provincial Advanced Taxpayer, Foreign Trade Advanced Unit, Provincial Credit Demonstration Unit, Provincial AAA Quality Credit Enterprise, Provincial Top 100 Private Enterprises (75th) and Key Foreign Exchange Service Enterprise. Our workshop of sec-butyl acetate has been rated as National Youth Civilization and Hunan Province Youth Civilization, and our product, sec-butyl acetate, is recognized as Hunan Famous Brand Product.
  In order to become a highly responsible and highly respected enterprise, Hunan Zhongchuang keeps fulfilling its social responsibility during our growth. Every year, Hunan Zhongchuang actively carries out activities such as blood donation, voluntary labor, donating to schools, caring for poor students and left behind children. Since the establishment, Hunan Zhongchuang has donated over CNY 700,000 to various organizations and units, and organized employees to donate money and materials to take on corporate social responsibility in the face of disasters. Employees are encouraged to engage in volunteer activities in their spare time. Hunan Zhongchuang has formed a positive and cooperative corporate culture, winning the recognition of all social circles.

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